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Jennifer Parks

Jennifer Parks

Jennifer Parks is a nurse because she is passionate about helping others. (Poking people with needles is just icing on the cake.) She has lived in Las Vegas since 1997 and has experience in the health insurance industry. Jennifer was trained locally as a Registered Nurse and has experience in Medical-Surgical and the Emergency Department. The culture of working in a busy Las Vegas Emergency Department prepared her for assessing a wide variety of medical complaints and required her expertise in making crucial life and death decisions.

Her obsession with quality of care gave birth to Parks Place Legal Nurse Consulting in 2008. Tenacity for things being done right helps Jennifer find the smallest of details. As John Wooden said, “It’s the little things that make big things happen.”

Jennifer loves chocolate chip cookies, Chick-fil-A, and running (in that order). And let’s be honest, she runs to undo the cookies!

Doug Parks works with Parks Place Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC, as a business administrator, technology guru and strategist.

In addition to full-time work as a non-profit executive, Doug is a certified and experienced Paterson Process facilitator. Through the proven Paterson Process, he helps organizations find clarity on strategy (managing tomorrow today) and operations (managing today today). Doug’s blend of successful business and non-profit leadership experience bring insight to the facilitation process.

Doug enjoys the Pittsburgh Steelers, Chick-fil-A, and the ocean. He dreams of someday living the island life.

Both Jennifer and Doug truly love living in Las Vegas (even though they still root for the Ohio State Buckeyes). They have two young daughters and spend their free time practicing the alphabet, convincing the girls that salmon is delicious, and dancing with the two most beautiful princesses in the world.