What is a Legal Nurse Consultant?

We are Registered Nurses who use our brains and experience to bridge the gap between the medical field and the legal arena. We educate, research, interface, opine, sort, summarize, and equip you, the attorney, to be your best.

What do you do?

Our services page will give you specifics, but ultimately, we use our nursing knowledge to make your job easier. Whether that is getting the right expert for your case, making sure you know the medical aspects involved, or advising where the landmines are, we HELP you do your job better.

How do you do make my job easier?

  • Save you time reading the records (we will read them for you and give you a summary).
  • Save you money on experts (our chronologies can be redacted to fact only to help the experts focus on the events relevant to their specialty).
  • Find the right expert, vet for conflicts, or other issues and bring them to you.
  • Educate you on issues you are less familiar with.

Why a nurse?

As nurses go, we are notoriously nosey! And that makes us thorough. We know where to focus and what to look for. We are used to looking at the big picture. When you need a Medical Doctor (or other discipline) for the role of expert, we will help you get the right fit. But for the behind-the-scenes work up, we know how to both serve and protect you.

What are your fees?

What you probably really want to know is, “what is this going to cost me?” Most services are billed hourly, and we are happy to give an estimate ahead of time. Quoting fees on the internet is dangerous, but we would love to talk to you personally about what our services cost in light of what you need for your case.